Create Freedom
Deliver the best Results
And have the Energy to live a life you love

Hi, I’m Sheri Moise,

founder of Heart Mind Energy.

Hi I’m Sheri Moise a Heart Powered Business Mentor and founder of Heart Mind Energy Coaching. I believe in having it all and NEVER settling for less. I believe that you can get your clients amazing results, grow your business AND have a life you truly love.

When you incorporate a client-based success system that is easy, impactful and connects with the heart…it impacts you, your business and your clients – MAGIC! You and your clients become Heart Powered and you can be confident you are doing everything you can to get your clients results.

I am fiercely committed to supporting healers and health coaches (and of course World Changers!) to feel empowered to make the difference you want to make – helping and healing people.

Your clients need you. The world needs you.

As a certified HeartMath® Mentor, Trainer, and ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I combine both science and spirituality in my work. Although science speaks volumes, I’m a firm believer in the powerful connection between our heart, mind, and energy because of my own personal experience.

For nine years I owned a restaurant, worked full time as a successful national sales manager, raised two sons, and kept “healthy” by eating right and exercising five days a week. When I sold the restaurant, I was finally free of the relentless seven day a week schedule and yet the weight had failed to magically lift off my shoulders. Once my life had simplified, it was like a go-ahead for my health (both physical and mental) to take a dangerous nosedive.

My back went out. I felt depressed. I had lost my purpose and my zest for life. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get myself together.

I re-emerged into my true, most joyful self through my HeartMath® practice and ThetaHealing® work. From this place the Heart-Mind Method and Heart Mind Energy was born.

What I learned in my early years as an entrepreneur after leaving corporate was how much I needed to lean into this structure. You have to have the right pieces in place to support not only your client but you as well.

Too many coaches and healers are exhausted, overwhelmed and on the brink of giving up.  I’m committed to ensuring that you know there is another way.

Let’s get you Heart Powered so that you can create the results, impact and income you are meant to!

Here’s to creating the freedom, income and impact you are meant to!

Sheri Moise