Your Journey

Emerging into You

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

The butterfly moves through multiple states, perspectives, and lifestyles throughout its life. It makes these transitions with grace and ease, accepting the change as a fact of life, and emerging into an ever more beautiful version of itself. The butterfly lives in the moment, surrendering itself to the journey as it unfolds.

How can you move through life’s transitions and uncertainties with more grace and ease? How can you experience more joy and acceptance on your life journey? Can you turn self-doubt, fear, and resistance into a beautiful transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, emerging as your true, most joyful self?

Like the butterfly, you can embrace change and emerge from it stronger, wiser, and ready to take flight.

As a caterpillar

you inch slowly along, your only view the ground right in front of you. The future is a blurry mirage on the horizon as you struggle for the energy to just. keep. moving. Your only focus is sustenance. Nourishment. What do you need to gather your strength before you turn inwards to reflect and find your joy?


As you move inward to your chrysalis,

your focus shifts as you connect to your heart and uncover what’s holding you back. You learn to harness your emotions, creating powerful opportunities and revealing your purpose, bringing the path ahead of you into focus.

transformation butterflyIn preparation for your transformation, you’ve replenished your reserves and discovered your own power. You finally feel energized to create a life you love. You’re ready to spread your wings and soar, emerging into your true, most joyful self.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”Wayne Dyer
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