Do your goals seem out of reach?

Does your daily practice get less and less daily?

Do you feel stuck or unsupported?

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The Heart-Mind Habit Hub will change all that!

  • Take small actionable steps daily toward your goals
  • Learn how to do less and get more done
  • Get support and coaching to make continuous improvement
  • Connect with like minded women

The Heart-Mind Habit Hub is your place for support: 1:1 coaching, opportunities to connect with yourself and other Heart-Mind Powered women every day.  This online tool and coaching program offers an incredibly empowering opportunity to create progress in your life in a powerful way.

Celebrate your successes! See what challenges are coming up.  Learn to re-frame them. The Hub is a powerful place to create action in a fun and supportive way.  There is accountability, community and intrinsic rewards from seeing your progress (plus other actual rewards you can earn!).  Get signed up today!

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Over the years I have seen my clients have great success and the key has been consistency.  Daily habits — simple effort — creating a big impact.  I created the Heart-Mind Habit Hub to support my clients on their journey.  I’m opening up the hub to a wider group of women because I believe that too many women are without the support they need to be at their best (or see their best).  I’ve been using the Hub daily myself and the difference it makes for me is HUGE.  I see my progress whereas before I didn’t.  I’m more consistent with my daily practice.  I’m making more progress towards my goals.  And I have a place to process and get support.  Come join us.  It’s life changing!

Program Includes:

  • SUCCESS COACH: Giving you online coaching and feedback 3-4 times per week.
  • SMALL GROUPS & PERSONAL ATTENTION: Up to 10 people working with you and cheering you on!
  • DAILY COACHING QUESTIONS: Getting you going on the right foot, every day
  • DAILY PROGRESS PAGE: Logging your progress and communicating with others in your group.
  • GROUP FORUM: Connecting to your whole group to request help, share discoveries, and help each other.
  • GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP: Live training on how to identify your daily practice and choose the goals that will move you forward PLUS if you do not already have a daily practice Sheri will share one that is EASY to incorporate that gets BIG results
  • NO DISTRACTIONS (like Facebook and other social media)
  • MONTHLY COACHING CALL: Open office hour — call in for coaching and Q&A with Sheri

The program runs in 4 week sessions. You can test drive it for 4 weeks and see if it is a match for you.  If you find it is supporting you and your goals (like my clients and I have) you will have the opportunity to continue on for the next 4 weeks and beyond.  Claim your spot now!

When You Enroll:

  • The day the program begins, Sheri will teach a live “on boarding” class to walk you through the system and help you develop your intentions and goals for the 4-week session.
  • Then you’ll check in for a few minutes 4 to 7 times a week to share your intentions, your challenges, and your accomplishments.
  • You’ll also spend a few minutes checking in on a few other team members and leaving quick supportive notes.
  • You’ll have access to a group forum for more connection and support.
  • Your coach will be checking in on you at least 3 or 4 times a week to encourage you, answer questions, and give you guidance.
  • You’ll have access to Sheri’s Heart-Mind Connection open office hours for live Q&A and coaching!
Next session kicks off Monday February 18th.  Those who take advantage of the special offer will receive this special pricing for the initial session and a lifetime discount for all future sessions.
   Program pricing $297 per 4 week session


Next session begins February 18th, 2019

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